Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chateau de Bourglinster

We had a Unit R1 meeting in the Chateau de Bourglinster. We meet here at the office and then took a ride my head of unit. We had a very nice lunch consisting of pastries and croissants (what else?!). Then came the meeting…Everybody had to do a presentation about what they were doing. Thank God mine was after lunch so most of the people were half asleep :). It was easy and I did it well…I don't fear public speaking. What I liked the most was, THE FOOD!!! We didn't get that much wine because we were working and the waiters received orders to limit it… Le Prélude: Thon rouge et crabe « Tout en contraste de parfums, de goût, de couleurs» Dans l’esprit d’un cannelloni, texture d’avocat, feuilles de thon frais, chair de crabe relevée de jeunes pousses, graines et fruits crabe glacé, air de kéfir au caviar. Les Plats: Boeuf « Saveurs d'hier et techniques d'aujourd'hui» Noisette de boeuf rôtie en croûte de truffes, jus d'herbes fraiches terrines de pois et carottes caramélisées aux spéculos. Le Desert: 1- White chocolate mousse with lavender sorbet and a chocolate covered pansy. 2- Mint mousse and milk chocolate 3- Trio: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate mousse 4- Pear mousse and liquid milk chocolate We also work very hard… Oh! I almost forgot…here is where the Luxembourg government took the King and Queen of Spain a week before. If any of you doubt it...I was the official photographer of the meeting!


Unknown said...

Mmmmm, j'aurais bien aime etre avec toi ce jour la, Donna;) Les photos ont l'air super "bon":)))

Anonymous said...

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